Mastering Online Course Delivery: The Ultimate Guide to Effective E-Learning Content Management

Whether you are an educator, instructional designer, or individual handling online course content, organization is key to ensuring documents, videos, and resources are in one location. The organization and accessibility of course materials can significantly impact the learning experience and course creation. Such organization is done with a critical tool, the e-learning content management folder. […]

3 Ways to Improve your Moodle Skills

Online professional development is not an easy task, nor is it something that is tasked quickly. However, to succeed in improving Moodle skills, they need to take action and create a plan. The plan includes access to online courses, news, and resources that can be accessed quickly and shared with others. As an experienced Moodler, […]

Learning Pain Points Solved with Training

Earlier this week, I attended a session hosted by where the speaker’s slide read “pain points related to learning.” The slide highlighted management’s reason for the lack of employee training, of which two stuck out to me: no time to attend training, and the second point was the shortage of budget. Management needs to […]