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Earlier this week, I attended a session hosted by HR.com where the speaker’s slide read “pain points related to learning.” The slide highlighted management’s reason for the lack of employee training, of which two stuck out to me: no time to attend training, and the second point was the shortage of budget. Management needs to realize that training is not about a shortage of time or money. Instead, lack of training from management is a lack of commitment to the betterment of its employee’s knowledge and skills. Let me explain how the pain points related to learning is solved through proper training investment.

Stop wasting company time

No matter how many times training experts tell management that training is critical to employee success, management won’t budge the money. Let’s walk through a scenario about an employee who is new to the job. The employee is tasked with setting up an excel spreadsheet with KPG’s quarterly. However, the employee has novice excel skills and needs more training. Unfortunately, management won’t pay for the training and instead tells the employee to YouTube a video. Do you know how many countless excel spreadsheets videos there are on YouTube? From my experience, you spend at least two hours finding the proper “free” training on YouTube. Instead, management could have purchased the right training course for the employee in the first place and not have wasted the employee’s time looking for the video. The point is to stop the employees’ company time by not investing in the proper training courses.

Invest in the right training

I remember working for a bank in Oklahoma, and at that time, management said they spend thousands of dollars on training one banker. The problem with the training was not management, but it was from the 1980s. In an era where information is Googled or YouTubed, management realized that customers despise salespeople, let alone being told to open a savings account or a new credit card. When you’re investing in training, make sure the training is up to date in content and access. People are glued to their phones, not their pencils. In whatever training you decide to invest, assure that the training is mobile-friendly.

Training brings values

An employee that does not feel valued by management will find a company that appreciates their efforts and, in return, enjoy a company that trains them properly. Nothing is more frustrating than landing a new job, and the employee has to train themselves all because management does not want to invest. On the other hand, when you properly train an employee, that employee will feel appreciated and more than likely stay with the company. So what’s the point of saving a few dollars or not investing in training when management will waste more money and time finding a new candidate. Wouldn’t management prefer to spend $1000 on training than thousands more on finding new employees every few months?

Investing in training does not have to be a difficult task nor a pain point. Investing in the proper training goes a long way. So, how will your management team invest in training?

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