3 Ways to Improve your Moodle Skills

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Online professional development is not an easy task, nor is it something that is tasked quickly. However, to succeed in improving Moodle skills, they need to take action and create a plan. The plan includes access to online courses, news, and resources that can be accessed quickly and shared with others. As an experienced Moodler, I provide three suggestions to help colleagues improve their Moodle skills using online professional development and the benefits. The three suggestions include the Learn Moodle website, Moodle News, and the Moodle YouTube channel.

Learn Moodle Website

Learn Moodle aims to facilitate learning and collaboration by providing two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to learn Moodle basics and Moodle admin basics. I start with Learn Moodle website because it gives free MOOCs to an individual and can learn about Moodle and how to administrate, which is what the Learn Moodle Basics course does for learners. The basics course is a four-week course dedicated to sharing resources and ideas to help inspire better teaching practices. The second course, moodle admin basics, covers managing a Moodle site from the administration interface of Moodle. I was trained on how to teach online using Moodle as the learning management system. However, I still took the time to learn the basics of Moodle and how to administer the site. Therefore, I encourage individuals to register for both MOOCs from Learn Moodle to improve their Moodle skills.

Moodle News

The second online professional development to increase Moodle skills is Moodle news. Moodle news provides the latest information on Moodle with case studies, articles, and events. The articles provided in Moodle news range from education, the Moodle cloud, workplace, education, and app. Also, the different categories benefit those getting acquainted with Moodle. Reading the articles can also help increase Moodle skills and learn how others use Moodle for their industry. For example, the education category provides over 100 articles on how educators engage with Moodle, enhance skills with Moodle, and manage Moodle’s components. Moodle news works only in a limited capacity since it’s only news, so individuals should use it for updates and reviews.

Moodle YouTube channel

The last suggestion I will suggest to improve Moodle skills is the Moodle YouTube channel. The reason for telling the YouTube channel is because it is online, provides a variety of topics from Moodle, and is easily accessible. The various channels from within the Moodle YouTube channel include the one-minute overview of Moodle, which can be quick and easy for people to learn about Moodle. In addition, the collection of video tutorials can help individuals improve their Moodle skills at their own pace or review what they have learned. Another great thing about the Moodle YouTube channel is the app tutorials. If there is easy access to tutorials, it is the Moodle YouTube channel.

As an experienced Moodler, I suggest that for individuals to develop professionally and improve their Moodle skills, they should use the Learn Moodle site, Moodle News, and Moodle YouTube channel. All three resources will increase Moodle skills and can be easily accessed and shared with users. The resources may or may not work for everyone, but they are the best resources to start the Moodle skills.

How will you improve your Moodle skills?

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